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The Client Glammy is a lifestyle brand under VersaProducts that sells professional quality vanity mirrors that help females upgrade their beauty regimens and routines of getting ready, with the promise of feeling “fabulosity” that they won't find with regular bathroom mirrors or standard vanities.

The Challenge The new brand Glammy needed to differentiate themselves from longer-standing competitors and increase brand recognition and favorability amongst potential consumers in the beauty space to increase sales of their vanity mirrors. Glammy needed a marketing campaign design for landing pages, emails, and Google display ads that promoted the benefits of their high-quality vanity mirror features.

Target Persona Glammy was targeted towards females with detailed beauty regimes who need a mirror that reflects the effort they put into how they look each day. These female customers typically have high household incomes (HHI) and the ability to afford luxury items, leaving them with purchasing power and expectations of the best in the market products.

Outcome I generated a branding campaign design for Glammy that set the benchmark in terms of design quality for the brand. The designs for the landing page, emails, and display ads are sleek and modern, with a rose gold color scheme to attract the target audience. To learn which design converts strongest with the target demographic, I designed multiple versions of the emails for us to A/B test. Each version of the emailed test included the same product information, carried into one of the three different designs to see which versions our email subscribers were most likely to click on and purchase from. I developed the landing page and emails by generating modern HTML and CSS code using Flexbox that is responsive to all devices, including different smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Role Designer / Developer

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Landing Page

The landing page starts with an image of the mirror and text to entice the user to learn more about the product. The “Why” section displays more specific information about the mirror that can be unveiled by hovering over the floating circle images when viewing on a desktop, which flash like a fashion show runway to attract the attention of the viewer. After that, users can learn about the extra qualities about the mirror that make it stand out from the crowd such as free shipping and a lifetime warranty. In the shop section, the products are displayed for users to start their shopping needs immediately. Lastly, the Instagram section displays the most recent social media posts the brand has launched, and they are linked to the Instagram page where a user can easily follow the account.


In the first version of the email the slogan “Glow On” was displayed in a gif with stars moving up catching the eye of the customer. The first design was flowy, airy, and white with touches of light pink, including positivity stars moving up the background behind the font. There are pictures of the mirror in realistic environments showing how it will look while in use. Next, information about the low wattage bulbs was displayed, which was a key selling point for avoiding excess heat from the lighting. In the shop section, the products are displayed for users to start their shopping needs immediately. Lastly, a gif showing a preview for a video promoting the product and a call to action button that links to the shop section of the Glammy website close out the email design, directing viewers to learn more or directly purchase online.

The second version of the email was differentiated by changing the “Glow On” design with a trendy rose gold and maroon palm tree background and floating lights streaming across with a 90210 vibe. We wanted to see if customers who viewed this might prefer a darker background with bright lights for future designs, as this emulates the lights that our mirrors give to our clients. I combined the subtitle text with new images that were taken from a festival where Glammy showcased their mirrors and Instagram influencers posed in, tying in the social media and email newsletter marketing. The product section design was changed to a condensed layout that required less scrolling to more easily view all the products.

The third version of the email was differentiated by changing the “Glow On” design with a darkened and close up palm tree background and a sun streaming across. We wanted to see if customers who viewed this prefer a static background with a single ray light for future designs compared to the previous design of multiple lights moving the entire time. I changed the product environment images to a single image that was broken up into separate pieces. The product section design was changed to a two column layout with the product image on top, and the text with call to action button stacked below.

Campaign Images

Google Display Ads

To advertise the new female-focused vanity mirrors on other websites, with the intent of gaining new customers who may not have heard of Glammy and therefore weren’t currently visiting our site, I created a set of Google Display ads that would appeal to our female target demographic. I designed these Google Display Ads to fit 13 different advertisement spec sizes optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablet, utilizing images of the mirror with a rose gold color scheme. Using different slides, I created a GIF that displayed all the information regarding the new brand in a flashing manner that mimicked a fashion runway.

Google Ad 1
Google Ad 2
Google Ad 3
Google Ad 4
Google Ad 5