Landing Pages


The Client Zero Gravity Tables is a brand under VersaProducts that creates Eco-friendly, ergonomic, and luxurious height adjustable standing desk solutions.

The Challenge There are many standing desk companies available in the market with similar products, and Zero Gravity needs to increase market share to be profitable. Zero Gravity needed new landing pages to demonstrate how standing desks help with physical health and fitness in the office environments, increasing their ability to gain market share by driving traffic to the product sites, ultimately leading to sales. These informational pages were needed to: differentiate Zero Gravity from competing brands at lower price points, be visually appealing to office managers and individuals alike, and clearly explain the benefits over regular desks in regards to both office fitness and space planning.

Target Persona Zero Gravity Tables are targeted toward decision makers in Human Resources and Office Management who make furniture purchases for business spaces, as well as self-employed individuals buying for home office spaces. The target customer cares about their own and/or their employees physical well being in regards to fitness and staying in shape in both office and home office environments.

Outcome I designed and developed two custom, responsive landing pages that have similar key features and promote different product elements in relation to meeting customer needs for targeted marketing. I used techniques such as overlapping elements, animations when scrolling and hovering, grouping, and white space to create a modern web design. I developed the landing pages by generating modern HTML and CSS code using Flexbox that is responsive to all devices, including different smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Role Designer / Developer

Space Planning - Landing Page

The “space planning” landing page promotes a collaborative workplace using Zero Gravity’s office furniture by helping customers create open space work environments.

Office Fitness - Landing Page

The “office fitness” landing page promotes the company’s exercise office equipment to keep employees healthy while working. This landing page includes the reasons why customers should invest in their health, as well as the problems associated with working while sitting down for long periods of time.