Staff App


The Client DJ0 is an American music label, artist and fashion brand based in Beverly Hills, California. It is an exclusive high end men’s fashion store where only people who are invited can enter.

The Challenge DJ0 needed an app to support the team with a way to scan customers into the clothing store, keep track of the member’s information for repeat customers, and send users messages. Data such as their profile, payment information, and sizing for clothes is stored on the app. The DJ0 Staff app needed a design that would be easy to use and intuitive for users.

The Process When I joined the team the backend of the app was already in development with a UI that needed the help of a designer. I reviewed the app with the developer and I took note of what worked well and what needed improvements. I then created a few different designs for a few screens to get the look and feel of the app down. After deciding on which design to go with, I designed the rest of the app screens. Once all the new designs were reviewed and approved I moved into the front end development process. Utilizing modern coding techniques in React, I implemented my designs into the app and tested it rigorously to make sure it worked perfectly.

Outcome Upon completion of development, the DJ0 Staff app seamlessly allows employees to quickly get customers in the door and improve the quality of the experience for customers when entering the store. When they enter their favorite drink can be made, and the exact sizings can be found to custom fit the customer, and payment information can be found. The app has clear buttons and user paths designs that allows users to quickly navigate the app.

Role UI/UX Designer, Front End Developer