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The Client Las Trampas is a non-profit organization that supports adults with developmental disabilities to discover their capabilities and to lead full lives in their home, workplace, and community. Las Trampas provides day program educational and vocational services, residential services, supported and independent living services throughout California, helping those living with disabilities with skill training, finding jobs, and housing.

The Challenge The main challenge for Las Trampas was that their website was outdated and reflecting poorly on the credibility of their non-profit work, leading to very few donations. There are many non-profits for those with disabilities, and Las Trampas needed a way to stand out to the donors who were comparing them and deciding which organization to donate to.

They needed a revamped website to help people easily learn about their charitable work and convince them to donate. Their layout of their previous website was confusing, the information was hard to find, and their branding looked outdated, causing confusion for potential donors.

The Process To kick-off the Las Trampas website redesign, I evaluated their available assets and website, taking note of what worked well and what needed improvements to attract donations. Las Trampas provided a wireframe concept of how they wanted the home page design to look and which items needed to be included. With this wireframe concept, I was able to get started building a design that would reflect their needs.

I presented my drafts to their developer and leadership team, and we worked together with multiple rounds of feedback until we had a design everyone wanted to move forward with. A few of the items I put together included layouts, color branding, button designs, and graphics. Once the Las Trampas board signed off on the final design, I reviewed and handed off the Figma file with their lead developer.

Outcome The redesigned Las Trampas website has been optimized to meet the different needs of the caretakers, disabled, and donors, with improvements made to both the aesthetics and functionality. The new website design allows users to quickly navigate via clear CTA buttons, improved text hierarchy, and updated branding while resolving the current frustrations of the Las Trampas board members and users.

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The new version of the website is focused around the pillars of organization and simplicity, given the nature of their clientele and the limited time a donor has to spend reviewing the content.

  • I redesigned the header to be both more visually appealing and user-friendly. It now includes a fixed navigation bar, which remains at the top of the user’s screen when scrolling so that they can easily navigate to a different section at any given time.
  • In the top right, I’ve increased the visibility of the “Donate Today” button by making it larger, with a more intuitive icon, rounded corners, and stronger contrasting colors.
  • The main feature image now contains a text box with a solid background and thoughtful text hierarchy, making it easier to read. I included a CTA arrow button to help the user navigate to the building project and history sections.
  • Below the feature image I added a color-organized area containing articles about their services and ways to donate, creating a content hub for viewers wanting to learn more.
  • Under their written content, I included a section showcasing their social media content, with the latest imagery and videos in a scrollable format.
  • The footer now houses the latest news and events, which helps potential donors know this is an active organization. The footer contains a newsletter submission form, where users can easily sign up for their newsletter and receive further marketing communications. In the bottom right, all of Las Trampas’ contact information is available in one place with clickable buttons.