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The Client Seek my Soulmate is a dating app for singles looking for their soulmate.

The Challenge Design a working prototype of a dating app that combines all the best features of the current apps on the market, while adding new ones that will make it easier for users to match, meet, and date.

The Process To begin the process I downloaded every current dating app on the market I could find and explored what made them unique. I then utilized FigJam to create a flowchart of how users will use the app. Starting from the login, swiping on profiles, to messaging and finally meeting their matches. After deciding what features I would want to include I started the wireframing process, drawing out how each screen will look. When the wireframes were complete, I took my wireframes in Figma and created high fidelity wireframes of the app and prototyped how it would work. Once the wireframe prototype was finalized, I worked on the designs for all of the components. I found the colors I wanted, the font styles, and design aesthetic I wanted to use and created the final design of the app.

Outcome The outcome is a dating app that combines the best features of other apps, while adding new ones in an easy to use user interface that will get users swiping and meeting their soulmate. Users can swipe on other profiles one at a time or switch to a grid view and see multiple profiles at once. In the chat users can send text, images, voice messages, call or video chat, and even send plans for a date proposal. The goal is to get users to find their soulmate and then promote the app to their friends.

Role UI/UX Designer

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Flowchart & Branding
Final Product
Design Prototype
Chat conversations - breakdown

Chat conversations show up in the chat screen and have options for each user. The chat conversation displays a thumbnail image, the first name, and a preview of the last message sent. Dragging down to the left will display options such as block, pin, or unmatch. After block or unmatch is selected, a pop up modal appears to confirm or cancel the process.

  1. Chat box: Hold down and drag the chat box to the left to open the options for the ongoing chat conversation.
  2. Block: Selecting the block button will delete and block the other person from being able to message the user again.
  3. Pin: Selecting the pin button will move the conversation to the top of the conversation list. Instead of being pushed down when a different chat appears, this will stay at the top allowing users to see their favorite conversions first.
  4. Unmatch: Unmatch will unmatch with the selected conversation, but they can still match again.
  5. Cancel: Cancels the action for the popup such as when a user Unmatches.
  6. Confirm:This confirms the process of unmatching with the other user.
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